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    Anonymous said...

    You've been thru 4 different defensive coordinators in your time at Texas Tech (Ruffin, Willis, Glasgow, Kaufman). Rank the following for each DC:

    Scheme easiest to learn

    Scheme you liked playing in the most

    Don't be a homer, either! : )

    Cody Davis said...

    Dang Anonymous putting me on the spot! Good question though! I will work on this post and answer your question. Look for it later this next week. Thanks for the question.

    Courtney Harris said...

    hey cody, i will be a walk on this coming fall (2012). i am coming in trying out to play cornerback. people who have seen my highlight tape really recommend that i get you as my mentor. they say you know the game and position far better than most? i am very confident i will make the team-- i treat as life or death.. when i do make the team, would you mind "taking me under your wing"

    heres my post on my side blog- it includes my
    highlight tape and some comments from tech fans

    David West said...

    Hey Cody, My name is David West, I am hoping to be a NFL scout one day and I watched your film and I see a good future ahead of you.. In the NFL who do you mold your game around? Who do you look up to? I see good footwork and you play with great motor.. I love your size and you seems to have a nose for the ball! Best of luck in the NFL.. you have the tools to be a good starter in the league!

    Cody Davis said...

    Great question David! I will work on an answer and work it into an upcoming blog post. Thanks!

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