Friday, February 07, 2014

Renewing and Rebuilding

My dog Bowzer with his GoPro 3 (see video below)

     With the season coming to a close, it has now been more than a month into off-season... and what a change of life!  Going from the most hectic time in my life the entire 2013 to now in my first off-season where I'm basically on my own to keep in shape and prepare for next season.  The first thing I did was take two weeks off!  This has been the most rest I have had since I began school organized sports in Junior High.  The rotation of sports along with summer leagues in jr high through high school and the intensity of college football brings mental and physical challenges nonstop.  My body definitely needed the rest and recovery but with the help of being snowed in, the apartment walls were beginning to close in on me very quickly.  I have chosen to stay in St Louis and train at the facility which hopefully I can be around the coaches and learn while I stay in shape.  With workout taking up my mornings I have been able to fill my afternoon with various things that I have either been putting off or always wanted to do.  I have been doing charity work, researching charities to get involved with, working on side projects like MotoMe, organizing a possible football camp, and if all else fails dive into some of my hobbies.  I'm extremely blessed to have this time to focus on myself to renew my mind and rebuild what I want my life to be about.  Along with this renewed focus I am going to redesign and rebuild this website to be more interactive/informative on not only football but other aspects of life, hopefully improving on what I have started.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like more/less or anything to add, please share them below or message me on Facebook or Twitter!  Until next time, enjoy this video of my dog running in the snow with the GoPro 3.

-Student of the Game


kvirzi said...

Bro, I have a great idea for you. I am leading a team of football coaches here in Turkey (let's say it is for higher purposes). Well, you should come out and help with a camp this summer, you are welcome to bring some other brothers on the team if they wanted some eternal venture to check out!

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