Thursday, December 05, 2013

Taking a Step Back

     Being caught up in the everyday tasks of life and football can be overwhelming at times.  Working from 7 to 5 everyday at a physically taxing job and having one off day, there is always something to do and little time to do it (sound familiar?).  I am a very organized person and the type of guy that likes to have my to do list and get things done.  But I have soon come to realize that the so called to do list is a never ending document!  If I just focus on getting things done or just getting by, then often my priorities get skewed and I miss out on opportunities to serve others and become more involved.  With December coming and rookie issues like taxes and financial advice taking most of my off time along with football, I had to take a step back to focus on what is most important.  As I have mentioned before I want to continue to progress in my giving back to my community and get involved in service to others.  I had the opportunity to visit the St. Louis Children's hospital along with Rampage and cheerleaders Autumn and Hannah.  There were also groups from all over St. Louis and some also brought their mascots like: Fredbird, Louie the Bear, Ronald McDonald, and Santa.  Even though it's hard to compete with Rampage for fan favorite with the kids, it is always fun to see their reaction to him.  Some kids love him and some aren't too sure about him.  But between the trio we had we were able to make the kids smile and had a blast.  I hope to have brought some holiday cheer to kids that are in a tough situation.  Everyone wants to do the big charitable acts and make the big plays, but we often miss the small opportunities that are right in front of us.

     We are traveling to Arizona to face the Cardinals this week.  Since making my first tackle against the Colts I have been able to improve and make more of an impact every week, making some more tackles and knockdowns.  We have to continue to fight and improve each week as we come together as a team.  Until next time!

-Student of the Game


Terry Hoey said...

Nice to hear from you again. Keep getting better each week!

Cody R. said...

keep up the good work!

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