Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding our Rhythm

Credit: St Louis Rams

     After two weeks of coming close but just not getting the win, we came into Indianapolis trying to get back to playing our game and find a way to win.  Well to say the least we came out firing on all cylinders and quickly gained the momentum and confidence that we have been searching for.  That rhythm we have been trying to put together seemed to click and even spilled over into quite a lot of dancing celebrations.  It seemed to be contagious and after the touchdown by Chris Long, the big plays just seemed to roll in.  Everyone seemed to get in on the action and I also got the play I had been looking for... my first NFL tackle!  I was not being blocked by a front line guy so I was free to the off returner, the player who runs in front of the ball carrier.  I saw my opportunity to cross the blockers face, I took my shot, and it paid off!  I didn't even realize I had flipped him until my teammates had told me.  In this business it is all about what you put on the field, and as you start to make plays you gain more respect with both coaches and teammates.  I'm glad to start building that respect and finally have an official stat on my resume.  But the most important stat of the day was the victory and the fun we were having out on the field showed.  We are going into an off week and will get a chance to rest, get back to fundamentals, and prepare to build off of this win.  Until next time!

-Student of the Game


Aaron R said...

That was a beastly tackle man!

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