Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Back in Action

     It felt great to be back on the field Sunday!  Going from scout team one week to be thrown into a game plan and suiting up the next week for my first NFL game is quite a turn around.  As soon as I learned I was active I began to talk with "Bones", the special teams coordinator, in order to try and make my way onto the field and contribute however I could.  A spot really hadn't opened up, but my preseason work showed enough that I would have an opportunity to rotate in and get to play on punt return, kickoff, and kickoff return.  I also really honed in on being ready to go in at either safety position.  Both these opportunities can come at any moment and my performance will either help the team win or hurt the team... my first impression to prove I deserve to be here.

     A restless night of nerves and excitement didn't stop me from having a great first game.  As Brandon McGee would call it the "special teams track meet" was exactly how he described it.  There is nothing but speed on special teams and a big part of your success is on effort and execution.  I felt like I was running my 40 yard dash on pro day all game long.  I loved flying down the field and using my speed and ability to give the best field position possible to both offense and defense.  Our team battled through some adversity early to turn the game around and come up with a big team victory.  It is not easy to win football games in the NFL and we are going to take them on one week at a time.  With a renewed mindset after the first quarter of our schedule we look to continue getting back on track and improving off of this victory.  I'm heading back to my home state of Texas this Sunday and look forward to playing in front of some of my friends and family. 

-Student of the Game


Terry Hoey said...

I would think with all the penalties on punt returns, there has to be someone you can take the spot of. I am sure Austin would appreciate it... ;)

Best of luck this week in Houston...

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