Monday, June 03, 2013

From Lubbock to St Louis

Lubbock, Texas compared to St Louis, Missouri

     Y'all are fixin' to see how us Texans fit in way up here in the Midwest! Alright I don't exactly talk like that, but I have now been in St Louis for three weeks now and there have been some differences (as expected) compared to life in west Texas.  As you can see above, size and geography are quite a bit different.  That makes for more things to do and more events in this highly populated area.  The first thing I had a few comments on when I arrived is how I talk.  I don't think I have a southern accent, but i guess I do use "y'all" and "fixin' to" quite a bit.  The players have vast diversity so differences aren't noticed as much, but the locals have caught on to where I was from just by how I talked.  The first thing I noticed pretty fast is the food.  The food has been good so far... but where is the spice?! I have always heard that the food gets more bland and less spicy the more north you go, and that seems to be accurate.  I am used to an overall spiciness of foods and sauces being from Texas and having the Mexican influence from our neighbors to the south.  From the salsa to BBQ sauce, it seems like the "HOT" here in St Louis would be the "regular" down in Lubbock.  Speaking of barbecue, we had the chance to try out a variety at the Bluesweek Festival.  It was good overall and I love some pulled pork but I can't help but miss the brisket.  I have found some around so I will have to stick to those places.  Another food item I got to try is the St Louis style pizza and the toasted ravioli.  It was a pleasant surprise as I loved the cheesy thin pizza and the tasty ravioli.  Any other STL food staples I need to try?

     The last and most obvious is the weather.  The eye test of looking out the window doesn't work here as there is a lot more humidity compared to Lubbock.  I caught myself a couple of times in a jacket because it looked overcast outside just to find out it was still warm.  Rain?!  I think it has rained as much in my first three weeks here as it would all year in Lubbock!  The storms hit quick and hard but blow by fast making the weather hard to predict.  Lubbock's weather is also fast changing and sometimes involves dust storms, snow, and hot days all in one week.  But I have never been as close to a tornado as I was this past week.  Friday night I was eating at a restaurant with some of the guys when we started to hear about the tornado warnings and sirens.  I looked at my phone weather radar and saw a big line of pink of which I have never seen before headed straight for us.  As soon as the music stopped and management told us to go into the underground parking garage, I knew it was serious.  After a few nervous moments it blew over, but not all areas were as lucky.  There was tornado damage not but a few miles away near our football facility in Earth City and even worse damage around the St Charles area.  We were supposed to have an OTA today, but the power was out around the area.  Prayers go out to those affected and hopefully all the damage can be restored quickly.  Overall, I have enjoyed everything so far and can't wait to move my wife up here and see what else St Louis has to offer.  But for now the power is back on in Earth City and we are back to work tomorrow with OTA #4!

-Student of the Game


manmadedrummer said...

A real local delight is Bobby's Ice Cream. Not sure if your big into ice cream but it is the BEST place to get ice cream around St. Louis. A lil drive yes but way woirth it.

Cody Davis said...

I might have to try that out! Frozen desserts are my weakness, but maybe I can squeeze in a few before training camp.

manmadedrummer said...

Ah. With the hot midwest sun you will burn it off. lol Or just tell Coach fish you wanna run a little extra haha

Randy said...

Just wait till winter is here been up here for four years now and winter starts in October

Cody Davis said...

I will miss that Texas heat in October then lol

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