Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ask An Athlete #6

     Chris Fitz comes to me with this question... "Players grow up a fan of a certain team, and I'm sure they all dream on draft day or after to be picked up by that team. Is there any disappointment by players if they go to a team they never liked or was a fan of, or in certain cases hated because of a rivalry? I am sure players are mostly just happy for the opportunity, just wondering if any lingering feelings from the past. Also, do you still root for the team you grew up watching even if you play for another team or for a rival?"

     Thanks for the question Chris!  I actually grew up a Dallas Cowboy's fan and also a University of Texas Longhorn's fan.  My mom graduated from UT and being the big state team the connection was strong.  I was a pretty big fan and always watched and rooted for them, especially since my uncle was a big fan of their rival Texas A&M.  When my college football offers started to roll in, I never got my hopes up too high and sure enough I never received an offer from UT which was a little disappointing.  It was more disappointing not because I wanted to go there or would if I got the chance, but because the bigger "power rated" schools in the state and nation did not feel I was good enough to give a scholarship.  I was excited and blessed to get an offer to Texas Tech and the combination of local location, football, academics, and opportunity to play made it the perfect place for me.  Looking back I believe I made the right choice and now I am a Red Raider for life.  As for UT I will never root for them again and will always be my in state rival lol.  Now as I have made the transition to the NFL, it ended up being a similar scenario.  I was in no way a die hard fan of the Cowboys, but always thought it would be cool to play in my home state and just an hour away from my hometown.  However, on draft day it was a little deja vu when the teams did not think I was good enough and none of the teams drafted me.  I was a little disappointed again, but everything happens for a reason and yet another great opportunity of football, coaches, location, and opportunity to play has landed me in St Louis.  I think this is the perfect place for me and I hope to make it as a Ram.  As for the Cowboys I won't be a fan at all unless I end up playing for them someday, as crazy as NFL careers go.  Overall in these team selection processes there is always a little disappointment if things don't go as planned, but I am just extremely blessed and excited for these opportunities that have come my way.  I just focus on what I can control, stay humble, work hard, and keep the faith in God's plan.  It has worked out for me so far and hopefully it will continue to.  Go Rams!

-Student of the Game


Fitz said...

Thanks for answering the questions Cody :) really good to hear your thoughts on that and everything else you post. Really looking forward to this season, and really hope your a part of it.

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