Thursday, May 02, 2013

Becoming a Ram

     The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone leaving some player's dreams fulfilled and others wondering where it all went wrong. Day 3 of the draft was my projected draft day, and it seemed like the longest day of my life.  I watched it unfold at my uncle's house in Dallas where I decided to have a small gathering of just family.  I wanted them there for me whether it went good or bad.  I had tried not to get my hopes up as I know plenty of players that have done everything right and still fallen through the cracks.  But after putting up good numbers and film I was getting mid round grades, private workouts, team visits, and contacted by many NFL teams showing their interest in drafting me... I had a good feeling.  As it started at 11 am, the picks began to roll in.  Nervously watching and waiting for my phone to go off as the picks and rounds went by.  With every call everyone in the room froze and expected it to be "the call."  But it was always a "we might pick you here scenario."  I started to get a bad feeling as calls were beginning to come in about free agent offers even as early as the fifth round.  Teams that had said they planned on drafting me, selected other safeties and the draft was coming to an end.  I had not expected to go undrafted, and was a little disappointed and frustrated.  But it didn't surprise me either because I had prepared myself mentally and knew it was a possibility.  As my phone went crazy from 11 free agent offers, I had a short time frame to make a decision that would affect the rest of my life.

     Head coach Jeff Fisher, special teams coordinator John Fassel, and secondary coach Chuck Cecil all had called me and expressed how interested they were and wanted me to be a St Louis Ram.  After evaluating my options and figuring out the best situation and opportunity for me, I was more than happy to sign a free agent deal with St Louis!  I was so excited to finally have a home and ready to get everything finalized.  I had a contract and was ready to make it official.  I had trouble getting my contract sent back in and actually had to end up going to a neighbors house to fax it in!  It was a long day that started with a radio interview at 9 am and ended when I finally sent in my contract at 11 pm.  After all was said and done, I am truly blessed and thankful to have this opportunity.  It didn't happen like I had imagined, but I have faith in God's plan for me and can't wait to move to St Louis and start working to become a Ram!  This is only the beginning of a long and hard road of becoming a NFL rookie.

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

Work hard... Do right... Depend on the Lord.
He will work out the details.

Best to you and Ashley.

WF >>>----->

Dylan said...

Good luck man. As a Rams fan I hope you come in here and dominate. I know you have the skills and ability now show those other 31 teams what they missed out on. Great choice joining the Rams and we're happy you did.

Cody Davis said...

Thanks! Yep don't worry, I won't change I like being the silent assassin.

Cody Davis said...

That's right! I will control what I can control, and have faith in God's plan.

Cody Davis said...

Appreciate it!

Gil said...

Get ready to blow up these NFC West RBs/WRs. Welcome to the Rams!

Damian Taylor said...

hello Cody my Name is Damian. I have been a rams fan for 11 years now. I have followed you and your draft story for sometime and Its very encouraging. As a fellow christian, It does my soul good, to see athletes such as yourself holding on to their faith and modeling the love of Christ. Keep working hard and believe that all things work together for those who love Christ Jesus! Take care and I will be at the panthers game this year to watch you and the boys play!

Cody Davis said...

Appreciate the kind words and encouragement! Hopefully I'll be at that game too! Lol

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