Friday, March 15, 2013

Pro Day Experience and Draft Updates

-Photo courtesy of Michael Strong-

     Pro Day is an opportunity for all the Texas Tech players whom just finished their career to get in front of scouts and show their abilities.  Having already put up some good numbers at the regional combine, pro day was yet another opportunity to prove myself and confirm if not beat the results everyone had seen online.  These were the same drills I had already performed at the regional, but now it was in front of NFL scouts and I had to prove that the regional numbers were not a fluke.  I knew I could improve on some numbers from the regional, and I am happy to say that I soared past a few.  It was a nerve wracking and successful experience, but one I am glad is in the books.  I am happy, but not surprised with the numbers I earned.  At this point I am ready to get back to football and I will get a chance to do this in the coming weeks.  Now that most of the testing is over, it is time for private team workouts and team visits.  I already have had a couple of team workouts I have done the past two weeks.  These are where a representative from a given team comes out to interview you, put you through football drills, and whiteboard work with the defense to test your mental ability.  There will be some more of these in the coming weeks and also hopefully some team visits where the team flies you out to visit their facilities.  The hectic and fun process continues!  Below are the numbers from pro day and links to various draft news about me.  Enjoy!

-Student of the Game

Pro Day Results:
40: 4.41 sec
Vertical: 41.5”
Short Shuttle: 4.04 sec
Broad Jump: 10’3”
Bench: 15 reps
3 Cone L Drill: 6.79 sec
60yd Shuttle: 11.09 sec

College2Pro Interview:

TechTalk Interview:

Pro Football Central Interview:

Bleacher Report Article:

CBS Sports Article by Rob Rang: Article:


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