Friday, March 01, 2013

Making Highlights

     I have always made my own highlight videos since my sophomore year in high school when I started on Varsity.  If you check out my YouTube channel they are all on there, I even have a few funny videos I made from when I was a kid on there also.  I am good with computers and also have a creative side so naturally I loved to create my own videos and learn this ins and outs as I went along.  When I first started I didn't have the best tools and I had poor quality videos and audio.  I started with my friend Wayne making various funny videos for school projects and just for the fun of it. We called it D n V Productions, for Davis and Viotto.  I also made a few videos of me playing video games, which then progressed into my football videos.  I have gotten better with every year, but looking back at some of the old ones is always funny.  I guess I felt like I should put every single play I was in action!  Well I'm glad to say I have become better about that and also try and not put every camera angle I have.  I have always used this as a tool for self promotion.  In high school I would send out my videos to colleges and try and get my name out there hoping to earn a D1 scholarship.  Now I have my sights set on the NFL and I am still trying to get my name out there.  My agent will be sending this senior video out to scouting coordinators and NFL personnel in case they have not seen my film yet.  This being the case, there is no music or special effects but rather a cutup of plays from my senior year. Hope you enjoy!

-Student of the Game


Taren Perkins said...

Cody you were truly one of the great players at Tech and I am so looking forward to watching you play in the NFL. I know you will do great things and I know you will go pro. Thank you for always playing with your heart even when we were losing. It was a pleasure to get to watch your whole playing career at Texas Tech. You make us proud! Wreck'em!

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