Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Training for the NFL

     The NFL... this has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid.  Now here I am finished with my college career and this is my shot.  The process started this past summer when the agents, financial managers, and training facilities started to contact me.  I made sure to be in line with compliance rules and started to talk to them and try and figure out a good fit for me.  At first I didn't know the exact rules and sent them through the Compliance Office as I was told to do.  This actually scared some agents away, they said compliance was trying to get them to jump through hoops and even spend money by registration to gain access to me.  Compliance said they were not registered and didn't meet the rules.  I will never know which one it was... the school could have been protecting me or they could have been protecting themselves. (I will touch on this in an upcoming post about social media).  Either way, I continued to narrow down my choices and began to think about where I wanted to train.  It was important to research and have in my head what I wanted to do because I only had two weeks after the season before the East West Shrine all star game.  After several months and numerous interviews I decided to stay local and go with options that teammates have had success with.  I moved out of my Lubbock house, won my last college football game, and the next day moved to Dallas to make it official.  

     I signed with Jerry Marlatt of 1st Team Sports Group and started training that Monday in Dallas at Geared4Speed that was run by Melvin and Jerry Bullitt.  My agent Jerry Marlatt is based out of Texas and has clients and former teammates Bront Bird and Lyle Leong gave him positive reviews.  He impressed me with his ability to get things done and be up front and honest with me.  I knew Geared4Speed through Terrance Bullitt because his brother, Melvin, runs the training facility.  Melvin has been in the NFL since 2007 and has multiple starting seasons at safety with the Indianapolis Colts.  I felt it would be a good opportunity to train with him and get insight and tips on succeeding at the next level.  Also, I have seen Geared4Speed results as numerous teammates in the past have trained with him and had great results.  I am already more than a month into it and I know I made the best choices for me.  My life now consists of working out, eating on a diet, and sleeping.  Lol alright it's a little more than that, but for the most part that keeps me busy and worn out.  Like the name suggests this training has been geared toward speed and explosiveness.  We work in the weight room for strength, on the field for footwork, and on indoor turf for all the pro day drills.  My diet is getting a lot of good calories and protein in me and avoiding bad foods.  I could go into detail but let's just say my meals consists of a lot of chicken with salmon and sirloin steak mixed in between.  Everything is going great and I continue to make progress each and every day toward my goal.  I am training hard and ready to impress scouts with my speed and agility.  Next up is the Regional Combine in Houston this weekend... any predictions on my 40 time?

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

Lots of practice with that Sig556 ;)

Cody Davis said...

Anonymous... huh? You talking about my instagram?

Jason Arguello said...

Good luck Cody! I have followed your career since your first year at Tech and I know you will be awesome at the next level...Ok..my guess for the 40...Graham Harrell had a 4.95 time in the 2009 combine..I'll take you for a 4.45..Keep us posted!
Wreck 'em!

JeremyC said...

Not sure what your 40 time will be, but I’m pulling for you big time! You have been a great representative for Tech, student athletes, and a follower of Christ. Keep up the great work and spirit.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Cody! Enjoyed watching you play at Texas Tech. Good luck at the next level.

Chris said...


First to ever run a sub 4 second forty at the combine. Put it in the books.

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