Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas

     The last game week of my career here at Texas Tech!  This week sneaked up on me while I have been busy with grad school and football.  I never thought this week would come and it is now here, and almost gone.  Looking back on how we got here... this has been a year of ups and downs.  We started out the way we wanted, making some big statements and huge wins.  But we struggled down the stretch for whatever reason and yet another coaching change has happened.  We set high expectations for ourselves and invested a lot this year.  Of course we are frustrated with the outcome, but we are in a bowl game and we have one last chance to go out and perform as a team.  With all of the distractions and how the season ended, some people are overlooking this game and focused on the future.  However, we must finish strong and go out with a win.

     We have been at Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston, Texas since Sunday the 23rd.  This week has been a relaxing one as they have not had many events for us during the week.  We have been practicing in the morning at Rice stadium and then have the night off when we get back around 2.  They have a nice game room set up for us with ping pong, Foosball  movies, and a lot of Xboxes to keep us entertained.  It didn't really feel like Christmas as we spent it here at the hotel by the Galleria.  But we were treated to a nice Christmas Dinner and even Santa came to visit us lol.  The main event of the week was the Rodeo Bowl which was a rodeo competition between the two teams.  My Stephenville background and our Texas heritage didn't help us out as Minnesota went on to win the competition.  But we made sure to let them know that we were ready for the game, as some "wait till Friday" and trash talking took place.  We just received our bowl gifts and our blessed to have earned them.  That's about it for the bowl events, and now we are focused and ready for the game.  Minnesota is a 6-6 Big 10 team with big bodies and a physical style offense.  They are different than the leaner speed we are used to seeing in the Big 12.  We must be physical and tackle well in order to shut down their running game.  Also, we must match up against their tall receivers and make them one dimensional.  This game is important to us seniors as we want to go out with a win and have a fun last experience as a Red Raider on the game field.  Thank God for this last opportunity!

-Student of the Game

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