Monday, December 24, 2012

Going Through Changes

     Finally a post! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, it has been a hectic time lately to say the least.  I didn't expect to have to go through yet another change during my time here, but that's how this business is run and that how my career has been defined.  College football is a middle point between the pure business of the NFL and the mostly pure football nature of high school, at least from a players perspective.  Players in high school do not get anything but living out their childhood dreams and hope for a future in football.  The NFL is a business where you can build your own brand, but also get fired on any given day.  Then awkwardly in the middle is college football where you are able to earn scholarship, but are harshly restricted on business opportunities and things you can/can't do.  I think we are underpaid for everything we do and the health we sometimes sacrifice, but I won't get into that right now.  Nevertheless, we are penalized for transferring and switching schools by one whole year of our career.  That is a huge deal.  But coaches on the other hand can leave at their own will and literally wake up wearing one school's logo and go to bed wearing another school's logo.  Yes they are penalized, but being penalized financially hurts a lot less than being penalized with time like the players are.  Also, their leaving is a huge deal for everyone.  This leaves chaos for the assistant coaches, players, staff, and their families who don't know whether they have a job, where they are going to live, or their futures.  Nothing is guaranteed when a new staff comes in.  But whatever the case, the coach made a decision to leave and now the football program has had to deal with it.  And I think we have dealt with it really well!

     Changes is a part of life and football, but I never would have thought I would have so many.  Quantifying the changes in my 5 years gives me 3 head coaches, 2 interim head coaches, 4 defensive coordinators, 4 position coaches, and even 2 mascots as Midnight Matador was injured and retired this year!  Lol I had to throw that last one in there.  We have handled this change really well.  We have gone out and hired the up and coming Kliff Kingsbury.  I think this will bring the swagger back to the field and has already reunited the fan base.  Hopefully at the end of my career, all of these changes will have been for the better and Texas Tech will have a brighter future because of them.

-Student of the Game


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"GUNS UP" to you Cody Davis you have learned well my son!!!

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