Monday, November 05, 2012

Too Little... Too Late...

     That was a tough loss to swallow... not just because it was my last chance to play them, but because we are so close to meeting our true potential.  We came out ready to play but we didn't have any big plays early to get us going and excited.  Our defense was prepared to stop the run and left our pass vulnerable, which the longhorns took advantage of.  We just gave up too many big plays and that's why we lost.  We made some adjustments on defense in the second half and shut them down for only one touchdown, and that was because of bad alignment and bad communication that entire drive.  But the adjustments and the offensive comeback was too little, too late.  That was one of those games where you just hate to watch the film.  We just gave them too much early and couldn't recover.  The ball just didn't bounce our way, but that's how life is sometimes.  That one is going to sting as well it should...but like every week we must learn from it, forget about it, and move on... The college football cycle.

-Student of the Game


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