Monday, November 12, 2012

Senior Day Victory!

Me and my fiancee, dad, and aunt. Mom was taking picture.

     Phew!  That was too close for comfort, but all that counts is that we got the W.  It was my last game in Jones AT&T Stadium and I can't believe it came and went so fast.  I will have great memories of my games here and will be back many times in the future, but I will only be a fan from now on.  It was great to be a part of senior day and be recognized for all of my hard work.  My mom, dad, aunt, and fiancee got to meet me out on the field and received flowers and a customized game ball.  I was proud of them for not crying... but I guess they are saving that for after the bowl game.  I wondered if we were gonna get trampled by the new horse running out, but thankfully that didn't happen.  They said they controlled the new horse and didn't let it run full speed, so I think it did pretty good!  I guess I can add that I have been through a mascot change as well in my time here... Anyway back to the game.  We came out strong the first quarter and just as we were starting to put them away, we turned the ball over and from then on it was a dog fight.  We couldn't force a turnover and again we couldn't make adjustments when we needed to.  I was proud that we continued to scrap and claw every play and ended up on top of an ugly win but a win none the less.  I was happy to end with a win for my last home game, but we have to improve and stop shooting ourselves in the foot.  We have a huge road game with big bowl game implications this week.  We have to come ready to play!  Only six practices left in the regular season... Let's finish strong... 

-Student of the Game


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