Monday, November 26, 2012

Moving on to the Bowl Game

     Sometimes all you can do is move on.  That was yet another tough loss and the hardest to swallow by far.  We came in ready to play and started out great, but kept Baylor in the game by our mistakes.  The defense played good except for the big plays and critical penalties that kept drives alive.  We still could not get a turnover and that might have changed the game.  Being our third overtime this year, like a game of Russian roulette, time finally ran out on us and our mistakes came back to haunt us.  But whatever the reason, the final outcome is that we lost my final Big 12 game.  Have to move on and figure out a way to win my last game as a Red Raider.  We are going to a bowl and we have to just wait and watch this final college football week to find out our destiny.  I've never been to a bowl game outside of Texas, so hopefully this is the year!

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

I wish you guys the best, I know y'all want the win, and no matter who you play, you guys have the talent to perform, excel, and win. Keep up the hard work, that's the most important thing, and don't give up!

Wreck 'em!

Anonymous said...

Keep strong, Finish strong!

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