Friday, November 02, 2012

Game Week 9: UT

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     The last time I get to play the University of Texas!  You know it's funny how things change.  I was once a UT fan like many kids are growing up in the state of Texas.  I actually had a small stuffed bevo mascot like the one above that I had with me at all times as a youngster.  The influence was my parents.  My mom graduated from UT and my dad graduated from Tarleton State.  Well our family was based in Stephenville, TX where Tarleton State was and my family used to be longhorns fans based on my mom's past... Having not known any better and having no affiliations with other colleges, I had no choice.  But now things have changed.  We have been saved and transformed by the Texas Tech family!  Lol I just had to say that, but really Texas Tech was the perfect opportunity for me with a great community, great school, and a chance to play on a great team.  We have a new root in Lubbock, TX and are now red and black forever.  Now as I come up to the UT game for my last time I cannot waste this last opportunity to get the better of the longhorns.  As a freshman red shirting, I watched from the sideline Crabtree made the winning play against UT and later rushed the field.  Well we haven't beaten Texas since then and we have another great opportunity ahead of us this week.  The longhorns are very talented as always and try and beat you with speed and confusion.  They motion and give a ton of different formations to try to distract and trick you.  We must line up, get adjusted, and stop the run.  The fans are behind us and it is now time to take a run at these last four games one at a time.  Time to go to work and rock the Jones!

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

You have been nothing but a great ambassador for Texas Tech and the Red Raider Nation are very proud to call you one of our own! Remember a pick 6 tomorrow. LOL

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