Friday, November 16, 2012

Game Week 11: OSU

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     The Oklahoma State Cowboys. Last year they embarrassed us in our own stadium on wounded warrior day and senior day. But this is a new year. This game has huge Big 12 implications and we must win this game to put ourselves ahead of the cowboys in conference. We have a big challenge with another road game. I think we play better on the road because the atmosphere doesn't allow us to relax. We must come out fast and continue to finish strong. On defense we must be able to line up and get adjusted. If we are on the same page and don't get out of wack we will be fine. This will be a balanced attack and be tested both in the air and on the ground. We must keep pushing ourselves and come out with a win. The season is wearing on both players and coaches this time of year. Bodies are getting worn out and the grind is definitely taking it's tole. Mentally and physically we must push through fatigue and focus on the task at hand. One day... one game... one play at a time.

-Student of the Game


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