Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Football Stadiums I Have Played In

     As the end of the season and my college football career draws toward an end, I will be giving you some info graphics reflecting on my time here at Texas Tech.  If you don't know what an info graphic is... it is basically any information shown in a visually appealing format (charts, graphs, maps, etc...).  To view all of the info graphics I have done so far be sure to check out my page called "Infographics."  The following is a Google map I made showing all of the football stadiums I have played in since I have been here (2008-2012).  Definitely have played in some of the biggest, best, and most tradition rich stadiums in the country. Be sure to check out the "Earth" view in order to see some of the stadiums in 3d.  If you don't like the little window, click on the link below the map to see it full screen.  Hope you enjoy!

*Made using Google Maps*

-Student of the Game


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