Friday, October 26, 2012

Game Week 8: Kansas State

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     The biggest game because it's the next one.  Another road test awaits as we head to Kansas State to take on another Heisman hopeful.  After TCU, me must redeem ourselves as a defense and come into this game with a better understanding of the game plan.  We have to get the call, get lined up, and ready to play.  They are a blue collar kind of team and it shows in their offense.  The wildcats bring a great running attack and force you to play the run and then try and catch you off guard with the play action.  This will be a physical game and I am excited to take on another ranked team in the national spotlight.  "You have to want to be successful as much as you want air when you can't breath."  Whoever wants it more will win this game... Time to go to work.

-Student of the Game


Keagan Wickerham said...

Cody, reading through your old posts and saw the quote, "You have to want to be successful as much as you want air when you can't breath." That is powerful stuff man. Seeing that you quoted it I am assuming it is not yours but I cannot find a definitive source for it online. Any chance you can tell me where it is from? Also, do you have any plans to try to play in the NFL or do you want to go into work with your MIS degree right away?

Cody Davis said...

Hey Keagan,

I actually got that quote from a sermon that Bobby Dagnel did as our team chaplain. He preaches at First Baptist Church here in Lubbock.

As for after this year, I will try for the NFL. Whenever football is done I will come back to Tech and finish my masters then look for a job.

Thanks for the comment!
-Cody Davis

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