Friday, October 19, 2012

Game Week 7: TCU

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     The TCU game is here and there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this game a long time.  We are excited to play TCU on their home turf for the first time as a Big 12 opponent.  This is supposed to be a new in state rivalry... and the buzz around the game certainly makes it feel like one.  There has already been plenty of trash talking, fan arguments, and a mutual hatred for the other team.  Also there are some hard feelings between opposing coaches and players which just adds to the environment.  A sold out stadium is the final piece that will make this a big time game.  But as always when it comes down to it the team that will win is the one that is ready to play, giving great effort, and executing technique.  We can't let emotions and the atmosphere get to us.  TCU is playing a quarterback which will be a dual threat both throwing and scrambling.  We must contain him and force him to be one dimensional.  They are very fast at their skilled positions and tackling in the open field will be another key to winning.  We have to take it one game, one series, and one play at a time.  Something will go bad on Saturday, but it is how we react that will make the difference in the game.  I'm excited, focused, and ready.  All the preparations have been put in... Now it's time to play...

-Student of the Game


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