Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Week 6: West Virginia

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Game week number 6! West Virginia comes in with a bunch of hype and it will be another first for them in the Big 12 as they make the long trip to Lubbock, Texas. We have another big challenge and another big opportunity. The media always asks how we feel coming into a game with a high ranked team with a heisman hopeful... and they act surprised when we say we are excited! If you are a true competitor, you want to face these kind of teams and players. I'm ready to see how our defense responds to the rough game last week and another challenge this week. We must bounce back and take one play at a time. West Virginia brings a balanced attack and bases their offense off speed. They have a bunch of Jakeem Grant's running around and we will have to limit yards after catch. Defense has to swarm to the ball and get off the field. The Jones will be rocking, but we have to give the fans something to cheer about. Time to play a great game in front of the home crowd...

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

Great job Chain gang!!! Cody I found these videos made of y'all and had to share....


Great job again,

'07 Tech Alumnus

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