Friday, October 05, 2012

Game Week 5: OU

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     Everywhere you look there are statistics of this game... The offensive, defensive, overall rankings... The last time OU has won here... How many Big 12 games we have lost at home...As a player you can't help but hear them as the media and fans bombard you with this information.  We hear all this, but we are smart enough not to listen!  Statistics are never right, preseason rankings go down the drain and predictions often fail.  The only statistics I am ever interested in is the ones at the end of the year.  All the rankings and hype are for entertainment.  We must come out every week focused and ready to play because it is all about us.  If we play great we can beat any team in the country, and when we play bad any team can beat us.  When it comes down to it, there is going to be a football game on Saturday October 6th in Jones AT&T Stadium... as simple as that.

     This game week will bring another great test for team.  The environment is going to be off the charts!  The Jones will be blacked out and the biggest crowd in the history of Texas Tech football is set to be there.  The young players will have to calm down and get used to the excitement in order for it not to affect their play negatively.  Some players think they have to play above themselves for a big game, but all you have to do is execute your job.  The fans help us to gain momentum in the game and also provide an intimidating environment.  We are getting into the meat of our schedule but this next game is the only one that matters.  As our opponents improve, so must we.  The passing defense will face it's greatest test yet but the main focus like always will be to stop the run.  I am excited to see where we are as a team and defense, now it's time to take the test!

-Student of the Game


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Guns Up!

Looking forward to a Red Raider victory!

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