Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fighting Adversity for a Big Win

     Adversity is inevitable in the Big 12 conference and in football in general.  I have been talking about facing it in my blogs and it finally reared its ugly head.  We came into a hostile environment and faced a team looking to make a statement and continue to build on their program.  Talk about a rough game, we didn't play great as a team to say the least and it felt like we were fighting from behind the entire game.  This was the first true test to see how our team would react in this situation.  There was frustration, as to be expected, but I was impressed at how our team kept pressing forward and didn't get discouraged.  We didn't worry about all the bad stuff that was happening, instead we just went out there series after series and focused on our job.  If you do that, the results will take care of itself... and they did.  We came out with the hard road win and started off Big 12 1-0!

     The Chain Gang came up with one of the biggest contributions to a Texas Tech win since I have been here.  Almost every drive seemed critical when it is that close of a game, and we felt the pressure to stop the cyclones each and every time.  We finally met our goal for turnovers per game and held the offense to only six points.  We always say that if we don't let them score we will win, and this is the closest we have been to that. It was already unacceptable to lose to Iowa State twice in a row, much less three time...but that was averted and we got the monkey off our backs.  It was a great feeling to finally come out of Ames with a victory and it was definitely a hard fought win.  We upheld our number 1 ranking on defense, but the teams keep getting better as the year goes on.  Up next, Oklahoma... Time to bring the party back to the Jones!

-Student of the Game

PS. Check out Corn Dog charming the reporter... lol.
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Anonymous said...

Cody it's nice to finally see Tech have a defensive unit that can fully support the offense. The offense was off on Saturday, but I think a lot of that can be contributed to Iowa State's defense. It was nice to see Seth shake his frustration and finish strong, but it was even nicer to see that our defense is completely AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work! - Jeremy

raiderintherough said...

Mr. Davis- My wife and I were up in Ames to cheer you guys on. What a tremendous performance! It made the trip so well worth it. Appreciate your leadership and drive! Guns up!

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