Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TTU Chain Gang

     CHAIN GANG!  As the Texas Tech Defense for 2012, coming off the worst year one could ever imagine, we wanted to be something special and we wanted to come up with something that we could unify around and draw strength from.  A name that could symbolize a new year and a different mindset.  We came up with "Chain Gang".  A chain gang is a group of people linked together in order to accomplish a physically and mentally challenging goal.  This represents us as a defense this year.  We are all in this connected together and we must work as one if we want to accomplish our goal.  Every link in the chain and every person on this defense is important.  My teammates, like in a chain gang, are diverse... from different backgrounds, ethnicity, experiences, and culture.  However, we must put our egos and pride aside in order to have respect for the man playing next to you.  All players must accept their role in the defense while still competing with each other for playing time.  This long and hard football season will challenge us mentally and physically to the point of breaking, but we must hold each other together.  The red chain will be rewarded to the player of the week to keep and take care.  He will take it with him until he gives it to the defensive captain for the game which is announced on Friday.  The red chain will go with us everywhere and will be a constant reminder of the goal and expectations we have set for ourselves.  The goal is the Big 12 championship and the motto we will live by is, "Separate we achieve nothing... Together we conquer all!"

     We are off to a great start and are only looking ahead.  New Mexico brought us some challenges when it came to assignments, and we gave up one long drive which ended in a touchdown.  You can tell when they stretch out a defense and make them play assignments by the end stats... three players tied for top tackler and only had 5 a piece.  However, we were able to make some adjustments and finish strong on our non conference schedule.  Now 3-0, we are the second ranked defense in the country.  I want to keep it that way!  We now have an off week to brush up on our technique and get everyone healthy.  Now it is on to conference and a true test of where we stand.  Iowa State has beaten us the last two years and that does not sit well with us.  But regardless of the situation the game is about us and where we are as a team.  I think we are ready to step up to the occasion and take another step towards our goal...

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

This gave me chills - you young men are showing leadership, self-awareness, passion for the game, you are supporting/driving/pushing each other in a competitive environment but always remembering you are teammates.

Could not be more proud to be a Tech alum right now. (And that is saying something considering I graduated from Tech in '87...I have seen A LOT of Tech football!!) Win or lose I am so proud of you guys and behind you 100%.

I was THRILLED to see the energy back in the team at the Texas State game - raising your arms to the fans - saying, "make some noise for us", which we did. And we cheered for you the whole time, I hope you heard that support and it gave you energy.

Sure missed that last year. The players & alum (all fans really) need each other - we feed each other. This IS the year!!

Anonymous said...

I linked to your blog on Double T Nation. Wanted you to see a few of the comments. You guys ROCK!!


BTW, I'm not trying to post anonymously, just don't know how to comment with any of the other options!!

Jameson said...

i think i saw one of you fellers' walkin around with that chain one the other day. it was very confusing to me, however i could tell he was a football player. anyways, great idea! way to come together as a team! we are looking forward to watching yall wreck shop this year

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