Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Great Start... 1-0

     The best possible start is one that ends in a victory.  We are now 1-0 and looking forward to our next game.  The first game of the season is always hectic...  First time players' nerves are off the charts and the returning players are not far behind them, the atmosphere and crowd noise affect communication and emotions, and all the mistakes are bound to happen the first time out.  This makes you have to focus that much harder.  I remember my first ever game I played at Texas Tech.  My nerves were going crazy and I knew I wanted to make a great first impression.  I was so excited and juiced up that on the first play I was running to the ball and I just wanted to hit something, so I hit a receiver on the ground about the time someone else made the tackle.  I got a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness! Lol, great first impression.  Anyway, so I understand what the new players were going through.  It takes this first game to control your adrenaline and calm down enough to focus on assignment, alignment, and technique.  However, this was one of the best first games I have been a part of in a while.

     The stadium atmosphere is the first thing you notice when you are about to play a game.  Your adrenaline is going and you want the fans to match it... and the Jones delivered!  The fans were out in force and the crowd involvement was great.  Also, the fireworks was a great addition to the Jones and I hope to set them off this year.  We were ready to make a statement, and that's what we did.  The defense was focused and had an excitement on the field I haven't seen in two years.  Everyone was swarming the ball, making plays, and having fun doing it.  I was fortunate enough to receive the "Player of the Week" on defense, but there were a lot of other players that could have gotten it.  The focus coming into the game was on us, and doing the best we could do.  After game 1, we are the number 2 ranked defense in the country.  This is a great start, but we still have a long way to go.  We must learn from our mistakes, forget this game, and continue to improve.  Once all said and done we got what we wanted from this game... a W.  Now on to the next one.

-Student of the Game

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Anonymous said...

Cody, it was great watching you guys play with passion last weekend. Keep up the hard work!

'07 Alumnus

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