Friday, September 07, 2012

Game Week 2 : Texas State

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     A new Texas rivalry is born? Hmm.  Well I don't know if I agree with that comment, but I do know this... it is game week 2 and we have another business trip on our hands.  All the hype and smoke blowing done within the media and in newspapers doesn't change the fact it is a football game.  Heck the media will probably try and quote this to stir up some more fire, but the reality is that both teams are ready to play regardless.  We are headed to our first road game and with that it presents new challenges.  New players getting used to the travel, plane, hotel, and staying focused through it all.  Also, the momentum of play is always harder to maintain at an away stadium.  Personally though, I love the away game atmosphere... all the "boo"s, fans talking trash, and even throwing stuff at you.  The more the better!  There is nothing like the silence of the away stadium when you make a big play.  Momentum has to come from your teammates and the excitement on the sideline.  This is four times as important at away games than at the Jones.  But other than that we have prepared and are headed into this game like any other.

     Texas State brings another different style offense than we are used to in the Big 12.  They will be more aggressive and throw the ball more than we saw last week, but still be anchored in the run and big personnel.  Another test for our defense and we will have to play assignment style football in order to make the right fits against the option.  We have had a good week of preparation, and as the captain for this weeks game I am ready to lead my team out on to the field.  Time to go to work...

-Student of the Game


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