Monday, September 10, 2012

Breaking in the New Bobcat Stadium

     We broke in the newly renovated stadium and brought the Bobcats back down to earth with our W for week 2.  After a week of trash talking and blowing smoke, we made Texas State eat their words pretty fast.  Like any other road game, there will be adversity come against us.  This adversity came early on in the game.  After a couple of bad plays by the offense, which ended in a turnover, the momentum was with Texas State and the crowd was going crazy.  The Bobcats had the ball with a short field and the crowd behind them.  I knew we had to stop them from scoring and at least hold them to a field goal.  This is always our mindset heading out after a sudden change of possession.  I read the offensive line, dropped back in coverage, and boom... jumped the route and was off to the races.  My first touchdown of my college career!  Many asked me how it felt, or what was going through my mind as I ran.  Honestly, I couldn't tell you.  It was just a blur and all I thought about was getting to the end zone.  That was the craziest feeling of my career... I was dead tired, nerves off the wall, and was ecstatic about the big play.  I actually threw up due to all the fluids in my stomach and the adrenaline of such a game changing interception.  All credit goes to my defensive teammates out blocking in front and running.  If you watch the video below, everyone blocks and is in the end zone within a couple of seconds of me scoring.  But I was more than happy to be the first to score in their newly renovated stadium.  After this initial surge was avoided, the rest of the game flowed smoothly.  

     Overall, we were fired up and ready for this game.  We were going to be ready to play either way, but all the disrespectful talking just added fuel to the fire.  All sides of the ball were doing great: offense, defense, special teams, and sideline.  I feel like I didn't tackle very good this game and made a critical mistake on a missed tackle on a third down play.  But I graded out good, earned player of the week again, and most of all got the win!  We are now 2-0.  Looking forward to the next game and hungry to improve...  God Bless

-Student of the Game

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Awesome stuff! Keep it up. We are all so excited for conference play.

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