Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Countdown has Begun... Day 1

     The official countdown has begun... The clock is rolling and camp is under way.  Today I checked in to camp for the final time.  We arrived at the facility to check in and to receive our per diem money.  This is the money to get us by while school is not in session.  Everyone always shows up on time when money is involved! No wonder why they make that first.  Next, we proceeded to the video board and head shots.  I am quite pleased with my video intro and could be in the running for the best funny one... but I know the competition is going to be stiff.  Proceed to the press box where we ate our first team dinner.  We then met to have a bunch of meetings including compliance, parking, code of conduct, and sportsmanship... all the fun stuff lol. No details here, but let's just say we got down to business!  Also, Texas Tech has gone to great lengths and expense to give us the best opportunity to become a true team this year.  Various leadership opportunities have given us a new perspective and a renewed drive.  Day 1 overall showed excitement, anticipation, and a will to do whatever it takes to be great...  I am excited to start the process.

-Student of the Game

Photo courtesy of Blayne Beal


jdhud said...

I have always followed the rule “things are not as bad as it seems or good as they appear”. This statement is especially true with pre-season prognosis by media elites. That is why the pre-season and post-season polls are so different, especially with the 5-20 rated teams. Having said this, the Red Raiders are #1 in my mind. Prove me wrong.

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