Wednesday, August 22, 2012


     The media chaos can be overwhelming for a player.  If you don't know how to handle yourself you may get picked apart, quoted for saying something you didn't, or even tricked into saying something controversial.    The Texas Tech media team does a great job with the team, but outside the double T logo we have to be careful.  Luckily, I have been trained to be the perfect media speaker... bland and boring lol, just kidding... I think.  From when we first started to play football, coaches have taught us to be nothing but positive and not talk about anything that could be seen as controversial.  Not that we lie, but we do have to choose our words wisely.  Media feeds off of everything exciting and negative, that's why we are held to a standard above the rest of regular students.  If we do something wrong, it is front page news... but 99.9% of the positive and constructive things that are happening barely gets mentioned if at all.  But that's the way media is in general.  Like on the field and in front of the camera, I'm not about the flashy "look at me" attitude.  I just focus on my goal and try to do things right.  I may seem unemotional at times, but I am just focused on the task at hand.  I always joke with Blayne Beal because I never see most of my interviews make it to TV or internet, I think it is because I'm too bland and don't say anything crazy.  I do try to have fun and my teammates should know that by now, but when it comes down to business on the field, camera, or in the classroom... it's time to get to work.

-Student of the Game
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