Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ask An Athlete #3

(Freshman Year)
     Anonymous puts me on the spot with this question, he asks "You've been through 4 different defensive coordinators in your time at Texas Tech (Ruffin, Willis, Glasgow, Kaufman). Rank the following for each DC: (1) Scheme easiest to learn (2) Scheme you liked playing in the most. Don't be a homer, either! : )"

     Well... I can see why you wanted to stay anonymous! Lol. Here is my opinion of my experience...again, MY OPINION = Not fact. I bet you could ask every player on the team and come up with something different every time.  It depends on how you like being coached and what style you do the best in.  I will be the first to tell you that I like a coach that puts confidence in their players and sets expectations for them.  I believe players will strive for those expectations harder than they would being forced through negative motivation. I will be ranking the schemes in order from 1st place being the best to 4th place being the worst relatively speaking for ease of learning the scheme and enjoyment of playing.

  • Ruffin
    •      Ease of Learning = 1st
    •      Enjoyment Playing = 2nd 
  • Willis
    •      Ease of Learning = 4th
    •      Enjoyment Playing = 3rd
  • Glasgow
    •      Ease of Learning =3rd
    •      Enjoyment Playing = 4th
  • Kaufman
    •      Ease of Learning = 2nd
    •      Enjoyment Playing = 1st

-Student of the Game


Anonymous said...

Did you redshirt in 2008?

Cody Davis said...

Yes, I did redshirt in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new D coming out smashing people! Good luck this season Cody!

Tech Alumnus 07

ttpilk645 said...

The defense certainly did not accomplish the level of play anticipated either of the last two years. How much improvement do you, the other players and the coaches expect, not hope for, this coming year, and if that level of play is reached, how much do you feel it will it affect the overall team performance?

Anonymous said...

Hope to see some big steps from you guys this year. Best of luck.

4 DCs in 4 years, insane.

Cody Davis said...

Thanks to the two Anonymous user comments!

Cody Davis said...

Ttpilk645, thanks for the question! Would like to use it in an upcoming post. If you would like any additional information about yourself included email it to askanathlete@yahoo.com


Lesley said...

I'm glad to see players getting behind Art Kaufman! I hope he turns out to be the answer Tech has been looking for in terms of DC. I can't wait to see the new look on the defense!

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