Friday, April 20, 2012

Changing of the Seasons

     As the weather begins to warm up and the flowers start to bloom there is a new season upon us... OFF-SEASON! We have officially expired all of our practices, film sessions, and drills for spring ball.  Now we move on to the off season workouts and self preparation of drills and film study.  This is one of the most physically challenging times in the whole year.  Workouts during spring ball were hard, but they wanted to save our energy for practice.  This is no longer the case! Now they have an hour and a half to work us out as hard as they can, and mentally and physically push us to the edge.

     We started off season right after spring ball and we have been in it a few weeks now.  If you ever drive by the football facility you might see us pushing big wooden sleds for one hundred yard sprints, or pushing two by fours on the ground for thirty reps of twenty five yards, or even walking the stadium stairs for twenty reps with eighty pound vests on...  This is just a taste of what we do outside, and then we go in and lift right after these outside activities! It is definitely an everyday challenge that will bring us closer together as a team as we struggle and grind through these times together.  This time period is also huge for self development.  The harder you go during organized workouts and the more extra work you put in is how much better you will get.  Player organized drills and film sessions keep our memory and skills tuned with what we learned in spring ball.  There is not much off time as a college football player, and every day counts.  Each day you are either getting better or getting worse... The choice is yours.  It's all about what kind of attitude you take to work when you get up and look yourself in the mirror.  I am pushing myself to dominate every workout, every set, and every rep.  This will open the gate to me being a better leader and setting a good example.  But when it comes down to it, off-season is a battle against yourself...pushing yourself past the point where you think you have nothing left and not giving in.  This off-season will challenge our mind and body in order to be ready for the season... this is a necessary step for where we want to go as a team...

-Student of the Game


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