Thursday, March 15, 2012

To God be the Glory

     I have been a Christian all of my life... I grew up in a family that went to church almost every Sunday and both of my grandparents were church goers. We attended First Christian Church in Stephenville and had chosen this location because of close family friends that also went there.  We were the average American family. We went to church because it was the right thing to do...but even as a kid i knew that was not enough. I would fight going to church sometimes because I knew we were not doing it for the right reasons. I believed in God and Jesus, but other than that I had very little knowledge. I knew the main concepts, but had read little of the bible and understood even less. When I was still young, me and two friends decided to get baptised. I remember thinking i would come out of the water and be magically feel like a new person with a different outlook on life! I failed to recognize the symbolic nature of baptism, but i knew i believed in Jesus and had a lot to learn.   I knew i was missing something, and not giving it my all. This type of passive religion was very frustrating, but yet I never did anything to change it... until now.

     Steve Grant is our team chaplain and he gave us a message one night before a game and a quote that has really stuck with me. "To God be the Glory!" he said, and as simple a message as it was it really inspired me to start truly living for God. Steve Grant and Bobby Dagnel, the team pastor, have really helped myself and the whole team along this journey. Having them around the team helping, praying, and giving devotionals has given us players a sense of direction and a resource for those who wants to partake. With this support, I have started to consistently attend Bobby's church at First Baptist in Lubbock. Ashley, my fiancee, and I are also going to a engaged/newlywed bible study. This church support has given me help with a better understanding of the bible and my expectations as an active Christian. I also have set a goal to read the New Testament by the end of the year as shown in my post "New Years Resolutions." I am inspired to do everything I can to be a better Christian in all aspects of my life including football. In this way I hope to be a good role model for future athletes and to show that you can do the right thing and still be successful. I am on the right path of Faith and can't wait to see what God has in store for me next! My testimony is not extreme and i am not perfect... I still have a lot to learn, questions to face, and tribulations to overcome... I'm just a student of this game they call life!

-"To God be the Glory!"


snoop9606 said...

i'm in the same boat with you, Cody. but now in my late 20's and just starting my walk with Christ. best of luck in this current endeavor.

the reason i've decided to comment is the title of your post. "to God be the glory." it brings me to a band that has REALLY helped me in my walk. the band is called the devil wears prada, and the title of your post reminds me of lyrics to a song of theirs called "assistant to the regional manager":
All Glory To The One In Existence
Bring Upon Your Name, Your Grace,
Your Everything

you can read the rest of the lyrics here:

disclaimer: this is a pretty rough christian metalcore band. most people who don't understand their message, or don't take the time to read their lyrics, are put off by their musical style. if you enjoy metal, give it a listen.

and you can listen here:

just wanted to share what has helped me in my walk, in addition to my pastor, Robert Morris. contemporary worship music doesn't reach me near as much as christian metalcore, so i thought i might spread the word. if not, no worries. but if so, their 2 cds that have helped me the most are:
with roots above and branches below
dead throne

and if you enjoy them, give august burns red a listen. another christian metalcore bands with just as good, if not better messages in their music.

august burns red, "salt & light":

lyrics are in the youtube video.

anyway, if you like metal, figured these guys may be able to help you, as they have helped me, and they are a GREAT way to get pumped up for a game. enjoy.

Cody Davis said...


Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear that you have also started your walk with Christ. It doesn't matter how late you start, as long as you start and finish! Thanks for the suggestion and I will definitely check the band out sometime.

-Cody Davis

Anonymous said...

Hey Cody,

I know you are busy but if you ever get a chance I would recommend a book called "Wild at heart." Great read and I think you would really enjoy it.

Tech Alumnus '07

Cody Davis said...

Anonymous, Yes I actually just got that book as a gift from a friend! I plan on reading it sometime this summer hopefully!

Craig Massey said...

You're inspiring young athletes and others with your testimony. To God Be the Glory, is right. Keep doing what you're doing and I wish you all the best.

Kirsten Smith said...

There is a new song written by Steven Curtis Chapman with this same message and a chorus that goes "Do everything you do to the glory of the one that made you." Each and everyday I strive to give glory to God. I love seeing young men like yourself inspiring others with your faith. It puts a smile on my face to see a handful of Tech players kneel in the endzone in prayer before each game. God is truly moving on this Tech team, so keep it up Cody God is at work. :) Wreck em' and God Bless

Spunky said...


One of the things I enjoy most about you is your Christian faith. I just sent you a tweet before I looked at your blog (I'm Tech Fan). I tweeted Matthew 23:12 "And whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted."

You have always shown humility, which I respect. Being competitive in football is necessary; being cocky and disrespectful is not. You walk that line very well, and I hope the other players see you as an example.

You tweeted, "To God be the Glory" before the West Virginia game. That phrase really spoke to me too. It can be easy to forget that all we do is from God and for God.

Continue being who you are and walking with Christ and I know you will have a bright future! No one's life is without challenges, but as long as you continue to press into God your heart will be full!

God Bless!


Spunky said...

One more thing I'm hopeful for - any remaining tensions between Chad Glasgow and Tech (administration, coaches, players) be forgotten by those at Tech for the game on Saturday.

Those kind of negative feelings can only derail people and their focus. There's nothing that can be done if Glasgow has negative feelings. But we can control where we put our energy and emotion.

Having said that, I will pray for all - Glasgow included - that we have a good, competitive football game on Saturday with no sign of any lingering tension that may exist.

Michael Quesada said...

Lord's blessings to you, Cody!
Look forward to reading your posts as to how/what the Lord is doing in your life in the locker room, and out of it.
Will be praying for you and your wife.

Mike Quesada
Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Gold Beach, Or.

ps - Go Rams! Been a fan since my uncle (A guy named 'Cody', coincidentally) , took me to see them as a kid at the coliseum in Los Angeles. Blessings!

Aaron Riddle said...

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13 KJV

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV

Glad to hear your planning on reading through the entire New Testament! The best place for a Christian to be is in his/her Bible!

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