Thursday, March 01, 2012

Through Scrimmage 1

     The first scrimmage of the spring is done and 1/3 of spring ball is already over.  The first couple of practices are always a little hectic with new coaches.  We have already met them and know a little about them off the field, in offices, and in the meeting rooms but when practice starts it's a whole different story!  On the field is where you show your true colors for both coaches and players.  For both sides, there is a feeling out of each other and getting to know how the other acts and performs on the field.  Players get to know how coaches act in a game situation, their coaching style, and their expectations for practice and a game.  Coaches get to know players' style, attitude, physicality, and basically if they can produce.  With that said, the first four practices went by very smooth and productive.  Instead of hearing a screaming coach 24/7 when you did good or bad, there were coaches who set high expectations that corrected you when you did something wrong but also praised you when you did good.  Don't get me wrong there was still yelling, but less yelling and more teaching.  This made for a less stressful experience than some previous springs.  We had steadily learned new defensive packages and coverage calls as the first practices progressed and had gotten in the grove of how things were going to be run.

   Then the scrimmage was here, and all of the techniques and skills we have been practicing would be put to the test.  Nerves begin to come into play and also it was the first time we were allowed to tackle.  This would be the first true test of how we would react in a game.  I was excited to show the coaches what I could do and prove I was a worthy candidate to earn a starting role.  The scrimmage was a success and the defense had overall won the day.  The swarm was in effect as everyone was running to the ball and gang tackling the offense.  Kaufman afterward said overall we did good at flying around to the ball and communication, and we need to work on more technique.  I didn't get a big hit or interception that I had wanted, but came out with 8.5 tackles and a grade of almost 80%.  This was the second highest of the DBs, with Tre Porter coming out with the best score.  With my score, I have plenty of room for improvement in technique, alignment, and running my feet through tackles.  I still managed to impress the coaches, and now they had a good idea of the players they had and who could step into starting roles.  Now that the firsts are out of the way, and now the coaches are wanting to find leaders to step up and take control.  I have always tried to lead by example, but that might not be good enough... Leadership might have to be the next lesson I learn as the Student of the Game.

The following YouTube videos showcase some of the action from Scrimmage 1:


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