Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ask An Athlete #2

Welcome to the second edition of "Ask An Athlete!" Myles Frakes a Sophomore football player from Flour Bluff High School in Corpus Christi, TX comes to me with this question...

Where was your hardest hit and on who?

My hardest hit...Hmmmmm. Well hopefully that is yet to come! I have had some hard hits my first three years, but have been slowed down by injuries.  Last year I hardly had any big hits and was very dissapointed with that fact.  This year I am looking to make big hits and put fear into the opponent.  As for my hardest hit so far, I would have to say it is a tie between two hits on Texas A&M.  (The above picture shows one of my runner up hits).  My red-shirt Freshman year I had a hit on Jamie McCoy #4 in Lubbock.  It was a huge collision but I put my head down too low, I'll never do that again!  I actually ended up hurting my back and fracturing a few vertebrae because I had my head down.  Lesson for all the young players out there!  My next hit was during my Sophomore year on Jeff Fuller #8 in College Station.  The ball was tipped up by the corner on the sideline and was still within reaching distance of Fuller, so I came in and made sure he was not going to catch it.  The referees made a bad call and said it was unsportsmanlike, but if you look at the film the ball still had a chance to be caught.  Check out the videos of these two hits below.  Anyway, I think those were two of my hardest hits when it comes to impact so far, but look for more to come this year!

Videos of both of these hits:
Videos from YouTube:
RS Freshman hit on Jamie McCoy #4

Sophomore hit on Jeff Fuller #8


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