Monday, March 05, 2012

Ask An Athlete #1

     The first installment of "Ask An Athlete" is here!  These posts will be solely based off of questions asked by you.  Head on over to Ask An Athlete to contact me with any questions you would like answered and they might be featured on my blog!

   Greg F. from Dallas, TX is a Texas Tech alumni and runs the sports website  He comes to me with the following questions:

1. What's your favorite stadium to play in, besides the Jones?

My favorite away stadium to play in is the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  I have played there twice now and the sheer size and quality of the place is so over the top, it impresses you every time.  On the field, the stadium looks massive and you almost have to look straight up to see the screen.  The turf is kind of slippery, but the experience is something you can't match.  Running out of the tunnel the first time we played there it felt like we were in the NFL! The cameras were flashing and the sight is something I will never forget.

2. What's the loudest stadium you've ever played in?

The loudest stadium I have played in would have to be Nebraska.  That stadium and atmosphere was awesome.  The stadium seemed very close to you and went straight up.  Those first few drives, my ears were ringing because of how loud the crowd was!  They weren't loud for too long though.  That game was one of the overall best games I have been apart of.  Going into a hostile environment, having fun, and winning!  I say "hostile" but those fans were as nice as can be.  They were congratulating us as we were leaving the field...that was something I didn't expect.

3. What do you want to see/hear from the Texas Tech student section?

I would love to see the student section chanting and jumping around during songs.  I wish the 3rd quarter song would have worked out with something like "Jump Around" or a chant style song like "Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant Stadium Remix)" where the students can interact.  The band plays the latter of the two, and it would be awesome if the whole crowd would chant along with it, and even jump with it! But overall, I just love for the crowd to get involved in the game and show their support.

4. How much does crowd noise and atmosphere actually affect the game play?

Crowd noise and atmosphere drastically effect adrenaline as a player.  And with adrenaline comes better play, effort, and excitement on the field!  The crowd really effects your mental state in this way and there is a major contrast from a packed house to an empty stadium.  If nobody is at raider walk and in the stadium, then you don't get the same sort of excitement and adrenaline level that gets you ready.  As a player, you can still be focused and ready to play...but the adrenaline fuel of the crowd cannot be duplicated.

-Student of the Game


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