Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2012... The Year of Change

     2012...The year of change. Since the very beginning my life there has always been a plan and a schedule. When you are a kid up until you leave for college you live according to your parents.  My parents raised me in a fairly strict household and set a lot of expectations for me. I was to achieve highly in school and sports, do what is right, and go to college and get a degree. These expectations led me to where i am today and i thank my parents for setting this path for me.  I couldn't have done it without them!

     However, now its 2012 and I am about to get into the real world! I just recently got engaged to my beautiful fiancee Ashley Reeves! She is going to graduate in May and look for a job. Maybe move away from me! We plan on getting married April 2013. I also recently graduated with my bachelors and started grad school. I am coming up on my last year of football. Ahead of me is a time where i go from strict schedule to truly on my own. I am coming to the end of my planned path and about to have to carve my own way. By the end of this year I will be done with college football, finishing up grad school, and finding a job. This is both scary and exciting! Scared of the unknown and thought of failure, but excited for the opportunity to excel and make a name for myself. I have been extremely blessed to have been taught by my parents, brother, coaches, and friends how to succeed. I will put this same hard work and dedication into the upcoming year and know i will be successful at whatever i end up doing. I don't know what will happen next...

I'm just a Student of the Game.


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